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Management Team

Since inception, Pearl Hospitality has experienced dynamic growth in scope and geographic reach. In just under a decade, our client development portfolio has grown to €5.6 bn across 34 countries. During this period, we have systematically expanded our services from being Advisors to becoming a global Management Company providing end-to-end solutions as Advisors, Developers, Asset Managers, and a world-class Operator of Hotels, Wellness Centers, and Restaurants.


It has never been our objective to become the biggest at what we do; we always preferred to stay focused and nimble. Our managed expansion was the result of listening to the longer-term needs of our clients, developing breakthrough solutions, and deploying the right resources for precision execution.


This impetus became the Launchpad of our Integrated Services, a core differentiator of Pearl Hospitality and unmatched in the industry in quality, individuality, and competency. 


I attribute this triumph to our loyal and trusting clients, as well as the devoted associates who always place the clients interests ahead of our own. 


Thank you for your trust and confidence.


Basel J. Shammout

Chief Executive Officer




PH Management Team Structure


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