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Operator Services

With our affiliated group of companies we represent over seventy-five years of global recognition in luxury hospitality operations. Our verstaility is our key competence offering owners an unsurpassed level of bespoke services in the management of hotels, resorts, residences, restaurants and wellness centers. 


Developers desire an alternative approach to the traditional operatorship model of partnering with the common “global chains”. Due to the size of these global chains, some of the common issues that arise are: 


  1. Misalignment of performance objectives

  2. Divergent financial and strategic interests

  3. Lack of personalized and customized services

  4. Relationship mismanagement


Pearl Hospitality is a top-tier operator with an owner-bias in managing with financial prudence and operational strength. We are not a “chain” and remain focused on delivering a bespoke level of service to our owners. Our unsurpassed level of excellence is a result of our broad-experience as operators of hotels, restaurants and spas. This means we treat every revenue department as a standalone business with a profit-driven mindset. 


Our versatility is our strength. We offer developers three different models for collaboration. 


We develop a new brand for your unique hotel, restaurant or spa and remain on-board to manage and operate.

We manage and operate your unique hotel, restaurant or spa under a franchised affiliation you have established.

We partner with one of our globally renowned operators for branding and management of your unqiue property.


The ethos of Pearl Hospitality is defined by simple luxury. This is delivered by an exceptional location harmoniously blended with bespoke service resulting in contemporary and finely tuned developments that offer an enriching, enlightening and rewarding lifestyle experience.


If you measure success in size, Pearl Hospitality has not achieved all that much. We have never really focused on being the biggest. We prefer to think small. Intimate. Exclusive. Involving. It is not that we are better than big hospitality companies because we are small. We are just different, that is all. Pearl Hospitality responds to individual experiences. That is what we offer - a lifestyle experience, without limitations.


Lifestyle is about shared values, a lust for faraway cultures, for the world around us that excites, shapes and nourishes. It’s an appetite for pampering and a deep appreciation of the creative and elegant. We provide luxury experiences. Not in your face luxury, but more discreet. Luxury that is not necessarily seen, but most certainly felt.


We continue to relish the exploitation of new directions. Come and journey with us.



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